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What We Do


Supplying sound equipment and engineers for almost 20 years, means our CV is too long to list here.
You can be reassured, we have covered every type and style of event imaginable.

From multi stage music festivals to dance events, weddings and conferences, we have even installed speakers 2000 ft up in a Scottish mountain and provided surround sound in a botanic garden!


Sound Hire and Services

We have a wide range of sound equipment , using the latest digital mixing consoles and multi core systems as well as sound systems from Nexo, RCF and EM Acoustics. We also carry radio mics from Sennheiser and Shure. This enables us to handle a wide array of events, from music festivals to weddings, musical theatre to conferences.

With very experienced staff, who all have a can do attitude, they will work with you from concept to reality, making sure all your expectations are met. 

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We believe in quality of sound over quantity; sound delivered to the whole audience area in an even and unobtrusive manner, and as such we have invested heavily in the best.


These days arriving at a venue with an 8ft mixing desk and speakers that take up most of the stage is both logistically costly and sonically unnecessary.


We carry the latest digital mixing consoles from Midas and Allen&Heath, with digital multi core systems, which are highly powerful but have a small footprint. We also have analogue consoles from Allen & Heath,Midas and Yamaha. All these are complemented by DSP controlled sound systems from Nexo,EM Acoustics, RCF and DB technologies.


We also stock radio mic solutions from Sennheiser and Shure, available in various headworn designs, lapel and hand-held units, all on UK legal channels.

We can also supply power cabling and generator solutions. 

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